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Serving up unique experiences, as you eat and drink your way through the films you love...

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How Does It Work?

We use food and drink to bring you closer to the films you love. We do this by serving you gourmet cuisine and liquor, as you watch the drama, laughs or action unfold on the screen before you.

Wearable Jawbreaker ball-gags to don with Marsellus and ‘adrenalin’ shots to shoot with Ms. Mia Wallace during our screening of Pulp Fiction. Meatballs to chow down on and a mysterious white powder to get your nose into during GoodFellas. Bowling and White Russians with The Big Lebowski. Chocolate strawberry breakfast with Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. Come along to see what we dream up next...

"Feed Me Films have managed to revive the excitement and anticipation of the movie-going experience"

The Arcadia Online

"Awesome night. Girl I went with said it was the "best date she's ever been on"!

David Logan

"It was awesome!"

London On The Inside

"This way is how true cinema fans watch movies"


"Check it out now before they become a 'Secret Cinema' and you can’t get tickets for love or money"

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You choose the film and we'll take care of the rest. If you love movies, mouth-watering food and drink, our Feed Me Film events are perfect for you…

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Who Are We?

We’re twins from London who love cooking, drinking, movies and not going to multiplex cinemas. Follow us as we host unique screenings, bringing your favourite films to life in ‘tasty’ new ways.